Maps and Directions to 5 Peaks RV Park

Five Peaks RV Park is in Joseph, Wallowa County located in Oregon's Northeast corner.
Visit us by traveling any of the three extremely scenic roads into beautiful Wallowa County.


Highway 82

Highway 82 is designated as a Scenic Byway and an All American Road.
Traveling from the West on Highway 82:
From La Grande, follow Highway 82 west to Elgin, Wallowa, Lostine, Enterprise, and Joseph.
75 miles, excellent surface and grade for any RV, many small towns and services along the way, allow 1 ½ hours
This route has been chosen many times as a route for Cycle Oregon.

Highway 3

Traveling from the North on Highway 3:
From Lewiston, ID or Clarkston, WA, follow Highway 3 South to Enterprise, turn East on Highway 82 to Joseph.
85 miles, good surface, long sections of steep and sharp curves, narrow in spots, allow 2 hours.
No gas, no services; water at some Forest Service / State campgrounds. Fantastic canyon country views.
Chosen as the Cycle Oregon route for the September 2010 tour.

Highway 86 - Route 39

Traveling from the South from Baker City on Hwy 86 to Halfway, Oregon
Follow Wallowa Mountain Loop Road 39 North from Halfway.
68 miles from Halfway to Joseph of paved often winding road on steep side slopes, allow 2 hours.
No gas, no services; water at some Forest Service campgrounds.
Many sections of this route are closed by snow in the winter (November to mid-May).

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